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    About Brain Health

    Founded by Dr. Ketam Hamdan, Brain Health is about connecting head, heart, and body. The link between mind, body and soul is a scientific fact. Research reveals we have 3 neural pathways that lead to:

    • Head
    • Heart
    • Body

    It’s vital to nurture each ‘brain’ pathway to ensure optimal wellbeing. These 3 neural pathways are all capable of controlling how we feel and how we react. Understanding the way our brain works is essential to our total wellbeing, not just our mental health. When our mental health is not right, our physical health, spiritual health, and emotional health is all impacted. We need to shift mindsets and increase awareness that mental health is not a luxury, but a necessity and essential part of healthy living.

    Given the negative stigma of mental health within many cultures and communities, Dr. Ketam Hamdan believes using the term “brain” health, instead of “mental” health to signify the science and evidence based validity of disorders and symptoms will be more effective in helping people understand.

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    Goals of Brain Health

    At Brain Health, we don’t see our work as therapy. We see it as education and a social calling. Brain Health is on a mission to transform the hearts and minds of people about Mental Health using science. The more we understand the human body and brain, the more we will take mental health issues more serious.

    • Transform the stigma of mental health
    • To shift mindsets to see mental illness as brain health issues that are scientifically proven and can be treated
    • To educate and increase awareness of mental health using science
    • Provide valuable tools and insights so people feel more comfortable talking about their mental health struggles
    • Inspire people to get help for their mental health issues, and that its not all in their head
    • Help people connect and integrate their mind, body, and soul for total wellbeing

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