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    Intensive Work

    Do you have a busy schedule, limited on time for weekly therapy? Going through a loss, crisis or relationship distress?

    What is an intensive?

    • Do you have a hectic schedule that does not allow you to come to therapy on a regular basis?
    • Are you going through a life crisis or your relationship in great distress and you want to get some relief quickly?

    If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, then an intensive might be best for you. Brain Health’s intensive sessions are transformational experiences. One of Brain Health’s primary values is impact, which is why Brain Health offers intensive therapy sessions to provide a major impact in a short amount of time.

    Rather than the traditional one hour a week therapy session, intensive therapy is designed to provide longer and more frequent therapy sessions over a shorter time span to accelerate healing and growth. When a full week between sessions passes, the issues from the previous session often get diluted in our minds. This can make it difficult for therapy to sustain its momentum and growth.

    One’s well-established defenses are difficult to penetrate in traditional once-a-week therapy, especially with traumatized individuals who are hesitant to open up or not in touch with deeper emotions. A person is more likely to lower their defenses during an intensive format.

    Many clients refer to this type of therapy as “Marathon Therapy” because clients can spend anywhere from 5-15 hours over the course of a few days or week (this is dependent on the individuals issues of course)

    See below for more information on intensives and common questions asked, including cost!

    Individual Intensive

    Unlike traditional therapy that meets once a week, an intensive therapy session is for someone going through a personal crisis, addiction, relationship struggles, heartbreak, death of a loved, etc. and wants to accelerate the healing process. This type of therapy is proven effective for traumatized adults who are dedicated to the healing process. The individual intensive, out-patient program, will most likely involve 5-10 hours of therapy over two weeks.

    Couples Intensive

    Couples intensive focuses on helping couples learn how to communicate more effectively, rediscover intimacy, and learn how to better manage problems. Brain Health takes couples beyond traditional marriage counseling, in an emotionally safe environment, to address unfinished business and develop new pathways for connection. Depending on the couple’s unique needs, a specific program will be established and can consist of 5-15 hours across two weeks, which can be equivalent to 3 months of therapy.

    Ambitious Professionals Intensive

    If you are a busy professional, short on time, in the midst of a crisis, or wondering how to fix a major problem then intensive therapy may be the best option. Professional client’s usually spend anywhere from 5-10 hours over the course of a few days. Please contact to discuss possibility and options.

    3 Different Intensives

    What different intensives does Brain Health offer? Brain Health offers three fully customizable intensive session.

    1. Individual Intensive
    2. Couples Intensive
    3. Ambitious Professionals Intensive

    Please review the different intensives on the side and book your appointment today.

    Frequent Intensives Questions

    What to Expect?

    Clients typically dedicate 5-15 hours days towards their personalized intensive, which can occur in up to 3 days consecutively or several days spread over 1 to 2 weeks, depending on your personalized needs. This batched and dedicated time provides enough time to focus and dive deep into issues. Please note that Dr. Hamdan will have to review and approve if you qualify for intensive work. Please note this is her most popular service that must be booked in advance. Please contact today to find out more.

    What is fee for different intensives?

    • Individual intensives half day 3.5 hours per day at $700
    • Individual intensives full day 6-7 hours per day at $1,400
    • Couples Intensives are 6-10 hours starting at $1500 (which couples always dread at the beginning and after its over say it felt like 30 minutes). Couples intensives are remarkable and truly transformational for couples who are experiencing a crisis and committed to growing and working on relationship
    • Ambitious Professionals Intensive is discussed and priced according to client’s needs, typical Ambitious Professional Intensives are done intensely over a weekend or two and range from $1100 – $2200, during initial consult fees will be finalized.

    What does intensive include?

    • Pre-consultation interview to assess if an intensive is recommended to be the best fit for your needs
    • Begin discussing the potential targets and goals of treatment
    • Customized treatment plan
    • Post-treatment follow up to support you in your transition after treatment has completed
    • Notebook, exercises, and pens
    • Snacks, coffee, tea, and drinks
    • Lunch will be ordered for full day sessions

    Who is intensive therapy right for?

    This type of therapy is right for those who are:

    • truly motivated about their personal development and growth
    • experiencing a crisis
    • relationships in distress (verge of breakup, divorce, uncertainty about the future, etc.)
    • Busy professional, short on time, in the midst of a crisis
    • Keep attracting toxic partners

    Please contact to discuss availability and options. Please note this is Brain Health’s most popular service and appointments fill up rather quickly.

    What issues are best treated with Intensive Therapy?

    Addiction issues, trauma, depression, a personal crisis, relationship problems, premarital counseling, anxiety, etc. almost any issue can be addressed more effectively with intensive therapy.

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