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    About Dr. Ketam Hamdan

    Dr. Ketam Hamdan is a licensed therapist, educator, presenter, and influencer. The negative stigma of mental health within the middle-eastern culture and her frustration with traditional talk therapy left her feeling hopeless. After spending over a decade, learning from the best thought leaders around the world and integrating the things she learned, she noticed a significant increase in her overall wellbeing. She became determined to use both her personal experiences and professional mental health knowledge to help demystify the healing journey for others.

    Her organization Brain Health is about connecting head, heart, and body. Research reveals we have three separate brain pathways, leading to the head, heart, and body. It’s vital to nurture each neural pathway to ensure optimal wellbeing. She is passionate about Brain Health because it’s replacing the term “mental health” with “brain health” to stress how physical and treatable mental health conditions are, with evidence based strategies backed by science.

    Dr. Hamdan wears multiple hats. She runs her own private practice, Brain Health, while also co-founding and running a non-profit Mental Health team for Annisa Hope Center’s trauma clients. She, also, trains others mental health professionals on effective therapy strategies for complex trauma clients and couples counseling. As well as, conducts self-development, trauma, and marital workshops.

    Dr. Hamdan does not see educating and helping people as a profession, she sees it as her life work.

    Thank you for being here and taking the steps for growth.

    Education & Training

    Dr. Ketam Hamdan holds a Ph.D. in Psychology. As well as, a Master’s in religion and psychology from Harvard University and a Master’s of Science from Columbia University. Her dissertation research was on Spiritual Bypassing: how Muslims may use spiritual practices to bypass psychological issues.

    Dr. Hamdan is addicted to learning and continues to expand her mental health expertise. She specializes in trauma, especially complex trauma, and how it keeps people stuck. She also specializes in relationships. She firmly believes that attachment issues from our childhood disrupt our adult development and lead to a variety of issues in future relationships. She is passionate about helping people learn to have a relationship with themselves. She believes we are fixated on our relationships with others, but we never step back and realize that the most important relationship we will ever have is the relationship with ourselves. Yet, most people are not even aware of how to do this, or what it even looks like.

    She is a Clinically Certified Imago Therapist, developed by Harville Hendrix, author of the best-selling book, Getting the Love You Want, as seen on Oprah. As well as, a Gottman trained therapist and an Emotionally Focused Therapist. As well as, a Trauma Certified Specialist.

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    Dr. Hamdan is passionate about Brain Health because it’s replacing the term “mental health” with “brain health” to stress how physical and treatable mental health conditions are.

    Dr. Hamdan’s mission is to transform the way people think and talk about mental health, especially amongst influential leaders and executives. Her organization Brain Health aims to provide science based therapy and content about mental/brain health that makes mental health not an option, but a necessity for life.

    In her practice, both the clients she works with and the therapists she trains, she integrates multiple disciplines (i.e. psychology, leadership, religion, and neuroscience) to connect head, heart, and body for total wellbeing

    Inner Journey. Inner Work.

    Dr. Hamdan believes that happiness, aliveness, and connectedness are in all of us. We each have what we need inside of us to heal and live a radiant life that is filled with peace, yet most of us are never taught how to do this. As you grow, clients’ continuously praise how much more effective and alive they are with friends, family, and at work.

    The journey is an inside out journey. As you grow and work on yourself, the growth spills outwards and touches everything you touch. The growth is addicting and liberating, your life becomes a journey of conscious living and purpose. You begin to attract and manifest healthier relationships and goals for the life you truly want.

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