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    Master Your Head, Heart, & Body

    Almost all successful leaders work with coaches, mentors, and/or advisors. They understand these resources are necessary for their growth and success. So if you are new to the experience of working with a mental health professional, this is no different and will be life changing. Brain Health services will help you gain personal insight using brain science and evidence based tools. Each service is customized to individual needs.

    Brain Health Services

    Almost all clients wish they started sooner and attest to the transformative insights gained. Clients are engaged in a series of deep conversations centered around life issues, problems in relationships or challenging experiences. There is not a one size fits all approach and varies, from existential dilemmas, developmental trauma, a broken heart, or depression and anxiety.

    Brain Health does not preach a specific type of therapy, instead each client’s different needs will determine what type of theory or method is best. This will ensure the client gains clarity and insight about themselves needed to heal and forge ahead.

    People come to session at varying times in their lives and for various reasons. You may find that you are most in need of speaking to someone when your stressors have become too much. Perhaps life has thrown you too many curve balls at once and your adorable neuroticism has become debilitating anxiety. You may find that you are overwhelmed and could use an extra resource in your corner. Or who knows, maybe you find that you are doing “fine” but that little knot of existential angst keeps coming up as you go through the motions of your daily life.

    You might find yourself asking questions like:

    • How do I “get over” this?
    • Should I break up with her/him?
    • Are my expectations faulty?
    • Is this what I really want to do with my life?
    • How do I cope better with life stress?
    • How do I put my mind at ease?
    • Can our relationship get any better?
    • What is my purpose?
    • Why do I feel stuck?

    The list goes on, which is why we cover a range of symptoms, issues, and mental health problems.

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