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    Are you an Ambivert?

    Swiss psychologist Carl Jung in the 1920s coined the terms “introversion” and “extroversion”, he identified a third group but did not give it a name. Later in the 1940s, Psychologist Hans Eysenck , coined the term “ambivert” and said ambiverts are a blend of the traits of introverts sensitivity and the outgoing nature of extroverts. 

    Many people have not heard of the term ambivert. There are many signs of ambivert, such as:

    • Then need to socialize with others, and they need their alone time
    • They are intuitive, know when to speak and when to hold back
    • Tend to be balanced, can see both sides of things
    • Can be persuasive and at same time back down from being pushy or overbearing
    • Can work well in groups, and work alone

    Adam Grant at Wharton researched the topic of ambiverts, and his research found that almost two thirds (nearly 66%) of people are more likely ambiverts, versus introvert or extrovert.  

    Please note there is no right or wrong personality type. The key is to learn about yourself and notice how you feel to ascertain where you fall on the spectrum of introversion and extroversion. We all fall on the spectrum somewhere and at different times in our life we will vary.

    For instance: If you find yourself getting drained from social situation, then step back and allow yourself some alone time. If you find yourself feeling lonely from staying alone, then allow yourself some opportunity to interact with others. 

    With Love,