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    Rewire your brain for happiness

    How to rewire your brain for happiness?

    I recently taught the benefits and power of mediation to rewire the brain for happiness, a flowing state of internal peace. 

    Most of us are obsessed with the concept of living a happier, more peaceful life, free of stress and worries. Happiness like any emotion is not a destination but rather a state that comes and goes. Yet, we chase happiness in very superficial means, generally outside of ourself, such as the acquisition of fancy titles, degrees, material goods, bigger homes, fancier cars, designer goods, etc. and other things such as the perfect body, plastic surgery, etc. We are rarely taught how to harness and develop true, more sustainable happiness, which is from within. 

    One technique that can help is mindfulness, especially consistent meditation. Thanks to the advances of neuroscience we can say with true scientific backing and conviction that the practice of meditation is a means to attain happiness and inner bliss more often. The practice of meditation is 1000 of years old and many ancient traditions have lauded the benefits of it for centuries. But now we have more concrete data to show us what is happening in our brains. There are many different types of meditation and regardless of the type, the consist practice of meditation for a minimum of 10 minutes a day over 21 days begins to show long-term benefits in the brain. A recent Harvard Health study found meditation helpful for relieving stress, anxiety, and pain. Another Harvard study found that meditation helped reduce depression and was as effective as taking antidepressant.

    Neuroscientists have also shown that mediation positively impacts brain regions related to perspective taking, self-awareness, emotional regulation, self-reflection and problem solving. 

    We need to create awareness that meditation is not a luxury but a necessity for well-being and positive health. And instrumental in brain health, which will help people reduce toxic stress.

    Below Here are some articles that explain more about the benefits of meditation. (ps. My education background makes me biased to Harvard stuff, but there are a lot of other great research on meditation and the brain from other institutions)


    Harvard researchers study how mindfulness may change the brain in depressed patients